Graffiti on the former Synagogue painted

Aleksandar Marton, the President of the City Assembly, has  removed the graffiti written on the walls of the former Synagogue in the very center  of the City. The graffiti was offending  for the members of one political party. 
- Obviously the extremists, unfortunately, simply love to write inadequate graffiti o f the former synagogue. Also here there is a monument to the victims of Holocaust. Once  again, both as the President of the City Assembly and a citizen  I  appeal to those who  wrote  graffiti, saying that there is no  use of  writing, since  the graffiti will be  removed and  the  those  who wrote  them sanctioned.
- We would like to show our beautiful city to all the visitors of guests, and such offending graffiti certainly makes the city ugly, so we are going to fight it. For me, it is  strange that these extremists are allowed to do anything , that the court proceeding  last for years, and  the Republic Radio Broadcasting Agency decides about  banning of a political  sport – concluded Marton.