Pharmacies in Farkaždin and Knićanin opened

From now on the citizens of Knićanin and Farkaždin have pharmacies in their villages, the Mayor of Zrenjanin, dr Mileta Mihajlov, has opened them today pointing  out that the pharmacy in Knićanin is the third one  of the project  aiming to provide a pharmacy  for the citizens of every village.

-  We have  solved a  very big problem of  Knićanin improving  the quality of health  care since the project included the reconstruction of the local clinic  funded by the City budget with three million dinars – said the Mayor Mihajlov.
The same problem is now  solved in Farkaždin too, and the value of the City's funding is 1.76 million dinars.   
- Farkaždin has a pharmacy for the first time, there is only one village  has no pharmacy, that is Taraš. We are working on it and hopefully   it will be finished in  the near future – said  Mihajlov.