In Melenci sewage system started

The President of the Government of AP Vojvodina, dr Bojan Pajtić, has visited Melenci today and, together with the Mayor of Zrenjanin, dr Mileta Mihajlov started the pumping station and sewage network.
- During the last four years the Provincial Government financed seventy new sewage networks in Vojvodina and today the living in those towns and villages is better, not to mention improved water quality, so there are no more, for instance, 800 cesspits in one village, and there is no need to talk about the importance of  water quality for  Rusanda Spa or for agriculture  producers, as well as for investors coming  to our Region. At the territory of the City in Klek and Melenci we have started the works on sewage network as well as in Elemir, with the value of investment of 90 million dinars, in Melenci 10 millions were  provided by the Local Administrative Office – said  Pajtić.

The Mayor Mihajlov says that  this  is certainly a capital investment, not only in Melenci, but also in Klek and Ečka, and in other villages where sewage network was  built.
- I could not tell what is more important,  healthier environment,  standard of living, agriculture benefits, in any case we have done a great job. I hope that works will be continued in Melenci, where 38 km have been finished and in Elemir where 18 km are built, but also in Ečka, which would practically mean that sewage networks are completed.  – said Mihajlov. Direcotr of  Rusanda Spa, Milivoj Popov says that  this health  care institution is the  first  public institution to be connected on the network. Now the Rusanda lake can be pollution controlled and the Spa can become a protected area, said Popov.