Festival of Fire Service of Serbia in Zrenjanin

In Zrenjanin a Festival of Fire Service of Serbia will be held from 29 June to 1 July and regarding this the  Mayor of Zrenjanin, the Chairman of the organisation Board of the Festival gave a reception  for Dragana Jajića, Secretary of the City's Fire Service Association and member of the Board of Fire Service Association of Serbia, Milan Nikolić, Chairman of the City's Fire Service Association Zrenjanin and  Branka Jajić, M.A., PR of the  Festival. 

The Mayor Mihajlov says that  Zrenjanin City has recognized a great significance and humanitarian aspect of voluntary societies, so, it  could be said, that Zrenjanin is the only  city in Serbia which supports financially voluntary  fire  service.
- Our aim is to have this Voluntary Fire Service ready and equipped to help citizens, and  it has been  working for two centuries now and  there are more than 1000 participants at this third Festival – says Mihajlov, adding that professional fire Service is also partly supported financially by the  local government.    

As Jajić says, Fire service  competitions in Serbia has a long  tradition, more than a  100 years, and they have been organised every 4 years since 1951. At the same time they are qualifications for International  Fire Service Olympics, and since 2004 all  fire service competitions have been organised  as  Fire Service Festival. 
Jajić says that this  year more than 90 teams from all districts will be competing. At the City stadium.