City Day

Laying of a wreath  at the memorial dedicated to the  participants of the First World War in  u Zrenjanin today  marked the 94th anniversary of the liberation in the First World war – the City's Day.
The wreath was  laid at the memorial  to the Serbian and Russian solders  and  at monument  to Colonel Ristić, and sculpture of Dutch Petar Bojović, at the  memorial in the  churchyard of the Ascension of  the Holy Mother dedicated to the Serbian solders - volunteers. 
The wreath  at the monument to the King Petar I Karađorđević was  laid by the Mayor of  Zrenjanin, Ivan Bošnjak, M.Sc. with his associates, the representatives  of  the Association of 1912-1918 Warriors' families, and the Orthodox  priest were present too.
On this occasion, at the National Museum an exhibition was opened by the Mayor, Ivan Bošnjak. It included the works of the members of the Association of Artists and Designers of Serbia 
Also  at the Cultural Center there was a concert performed by the Representative Guard Orchestra of the Army of Serbia.
The City's Day, 17th of November, was established in the memory of the liberation of Veliki Bečkerek in the First World war, in 1918 when the First Army of Dutch  Petar Bojović, Iron  division  "Knjaz Mihajlo" and Infantry brigade of Lieutenant Dragutin Ristić – "Colonel" entered Veliki Bečkerek which resulted  in the change of the government and  states in this region.
In the city itself the local government surrendered with no fight, and Lieutenant Ristić promised the protection to the population who accepted the new government, no matter of their religion or nationality. The Serbian National Council was established on 31 October 1918 as the first such body in Vojvodina, since the end of the First World War was evident then.
The first Chairman of the Council was dr Slavko Županski, later on 1st December 1918 elected the first Head of the Torontal District of the new state – Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and the Slovenians.