Woman Minister of Sport and Youth Alisa Marić visited Zrenjanin

Today the Woman Minister of Youth and Sport in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, prof. Alisa Marić,Ph.Sc. visited the City of Zrenjanin. She took part in the forum organised by the Sport Association of Serbia and Sport Association of Zrenjanin City regarding the Strategy of Sport Development in the Republic of Serbia for the period 2014-2018., and she was informed about the present situation in sport in Zrenjanin, while visiting the most important sport facilities – pools, the old and new sport hall, the City's stadium in  Karađorđe's park. The  tour finished in the National Museum visiting the Sports Room, where the Woman Minister got a better insight into the rich  history and tradition of Zrenjanin sport and participation of   our citizens at the  most important world sport events. 
As she said current activities of the Ministry of Youth and Sport are mainly directed to rhe creating of the Strategy of Sport Development, and that the idea is to organise the forums all around Serbia. Like the one in Zrenjanin to collect the information about the present situation and problems, what is good and what needs to be changed and then include it in the plans for future activities.   
The Woman Minister Marić was received by the Mayor, Ivan Bošnjak, M.Sc. and the member of the City Council for sport, youth, regional cooperation and EU integrations and the representatives of Zrenjanin Sport Association and Sport Association of Serbia, Dane Korica, the Secretary General of this organisation. 
- I have to point out a very good cooperation of the Sport Association of Serbia with the Ministry and local sport associations. This forum is well organised and it is useful to discuss the problems and possible solutions. 
The Mayor Ivan Bošnjak, M.Sc. said that Zrenjanin will include sport development into the new Strategy of Development which is to be created.
The presentation of 2014-2018. National Strategy of Sport Development was given by Dragan Atanasov, M.Sc. Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth in the Government of the republic of Serbia.